Bronze and SRC Board Training in the Shoalhaven

The combined bronze, SRC and water safety course continues to go from strength to strength. The group have already completed several run-swim-runs (including one under exam conditions on proficiency day) and several tube and board rescue training sessions.

With the surf at the beach around the three metre mark, class instructor Wes Davis decided that it would be a good idea to get some training in on the river. Learning to paddle a rescue board in calm water is, of course, a great way of building up your confidence, your balance and your fitness so that when you next try it in the surf it’s not such a daunting task.

Starting with a few swims across the river and back to warm up, the class took it in turns to rescue and be rescued on the boards. Patients were to simulate both conscious and unconscious states (easier for some than others!). The unconscious patient board roll is probably one of the most difficult parts of the bronze practical test and it was great to see everyone taking to it so well.

It was a beautiful evening down on the river and the water was like a bath. Everyone agreed it had been an excellent introduciton into the rescue boards and have requested more sessions like this one down at the river.

At the moment the class are looking at an examination date of about the 12/13th of December – possibly to tie in with the IRB drivers exams which are scheduled for that date also. If you’ve been inspired and would like to go for you bronze, SRC (and to patrol) or water safety award (to help on nippers Sundays) then get in touch with us via the contact form on this site. Another class is being pencilled in for early in the new year.


Great to see lots of kids last weekend, over 50 all up. Pool proficiencies went well with some great swims. some floating practice might be need along the way and keep that swim training up. Thanks to all the fantastic help from the parents. Great to see some parents doing SRC water safety now but still need more to keep the club moving and kids in water. Coarse is running now but not to late to join in (pleeeeeeease) I need age managers for all the groups. Won’t matter how many parents offer to help the more the merrier. Once I get names and numbers I will run an aged managers coarse. We will have some existing members this weekend to help new parants through for a few weeks. The idea is promote fun for the kids so get involved. Looking at running additional training for flags sprints boards etc need names and numbers to register interest so I can commit time and day to run this, great for ages 8 and up. Canteen needs help so can we look at talking to gary to offer some assistance each weekend. This weekend surf education starts and then we hit the beech so bring your learning and fun hats and c u down the club. You can contact me on 0412773774 or for any questions or enroll in course’s


Darren Gallahar



It’s that time of year and we’ve all got to prove that we’re worthy of wearing the red and yellow. This seasons first proficency will take place on the 15th of November. Run-swim-run, board or tube rescue, 10 signals and recus. Be there or be unable to patrol.

Pre-Xmas Patrol Roster Released

The new season patrol roster has been released covering the period up to Xmas 2009. I have uploaded this to the website and you can find it by clicking on the Patrol link at the top of this page. As you can see, we’re now down to just four patrols – although we’ll be adding a couple of extra ones over Xmas as students return from studies etc. If you know anyone with a bronze medallion who’d like to help us patrol Seven Mile Beach, please have them ring Andy Hutchinson the Club Captain on 0488 139230.

Raising of the Flags Ceremony

The traditional season-opening Raising of the Flags ceremony took place at the Shoalhaven Heads Surf Club on Saturday the 10th of October. The event was very well attended, with representatives from all the South Coast branch clubs present.

The clubs performed a march past accompanied by a pipe band. This was followed by speeches from our local councilor Gareth Ward, branch president Steve Jones and Shoalhaven Heads club president Karl Poulton. The flag was raised to the national anthem by the club’s Andy Hutchinson. After the ceremony, a great spread was laid on for all assembled.

Raising the Flag



New Committee Elected

The club’s AGM has been and gone with some substantial changes to the committee. Greg Mathers has stepped down from the role of president and Karl Poulton has stepped up in his place. Many thanks to Greg for all his hard work on the club’s behalf as President over the last two years and congratulations to Karl.

The role of Director of Administration has been taken on by Annie Schofield. Robyn Mathers continues her excellent work as Director of Finances and Andy Hutchinson is the new club captain. Several junior members have stepped up to help run the club – Jarroyd Dart is the new First Aid Officer and Jemma Dart is the Vice Club Captain and Publicity Officer. Clyde Poulton continues as the Club Fundraising Officer

Darren Galahar has taken on the demanding role of Junior Activities Convener, assisted by Annie and Dave Schofield. Congratulations to Darren.

We would also like to welcome Penny Wilde to the committee – in the role of  Child Protection Officer. Congratulations and welcome, Penny.

Plenty of new faces this year, some big changes at the committee level and some huge challenges to overcome. Best of luck in the 09/10 season to all Shoalhaven Heads SLSC members.

The ATV is here!

Much discussed by committee members and much delayed by the paper pushers – the club’s new Rhino ATV is finally here. This replacement for the old quad bike is a versatile two-person all terrain vehicle ideally suited to beach life. It has a semi-automatic gearbox, a punchy 700cc engine and a tray on the back for equipment.

The ATV will be available for use by all patrol members – as long as they have a licence (with P’s – L plates are not good enough). Prior to being let loose on the Rhino, there will be an induction which all members will have to complete if they want to drive it. Wes has prepared a patrol log document for the new vehicle which is similar in style to the IRB’s. This is in order to prolong the life of the vehicle as much as possible by encouraging full wash-down and WD-40 spray at the end of patrols.

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