Child Protection

Child protection is about keeping children safe from abuse and protecting them from people who are unsuitable to work with children. Whilst we appreciate the assistance from parents, Commonwealth legislation states that all parents who are assisting on the beach must be a registered member of the club and have completed the necessary Child Protection documentation. As part of SLSA’s commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of children and young people involved in surf lifesaving, SLSA requires the following measures to be met.

1.    – Provide opportunities for juniors to contribute to and feedback on program development;
2.    – Provide education and/or information on child abuse and child protection to those involved in our sport, such as coaches, juniors, parents and officials;
3.    – Meet the requirements for NSW Child Protection laws.

Shoalhaven Heads Surf Club Requirements
Under SLSA’s Member Safety and Well-being Policy, our organization is required to:

1.    – Identify positions that involve working with minors;
2.    – Check a person’s referees (written or verbal) and interview a person about suitability for working with children;
3.    – Ask people applying or reapplying that involves regular, direct and unsupervised contact with people under 18 years to sign a consent form for a Police Check.

Reportable conduct is:
1.    -Any sexual offense, or sexual misconduct, committed against, with or in the presence of a child;
2.    -Any assault, ill treatment or neglect of a child;
3.    -Any behaviour that causes psychological harm to a child.

Please understand the above details are now mandatory under the new insurance and child protection legislation, and age managers cannot allow parents who are unregistered to assist on the beach or in the water.

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